Info for Parents

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Info for Parents

Problem Signs of Drug and Alcohol Usage...
Most parents of substance abusing teens report that they were unaware of the behavior for at least two years.

Open Minds See the Signs
If you answer yes to any of the questions below, your child may be at risk of becoming harmfully involved in drugs and alcohol, if they are not already actively using. For more information on teenage substance abuse and treatment, please contact a treatment provider

Is Your Child?

  • Frequently tardy or truant from school?
  • Losing motivation, energy, and self-discipline?
  • Losing interest in activities and hobbies?
  • Increasingly forgetful - short or long term?
  • Having trouble paying attention and concentrating?
  • Expressing anger, hostility or irritability?
  • Sullen with uncaring attitudes and behavior?
  • Argumentative with you and/or siblings?
  • Unable to explain extra money or "new" items they have?
  • Experiencing unusual mood swings?
  • Dropping old friends and secretive about new ones?
  • Unhealthy in appearance, e.g. bloodshot eyes?
  • Inattentive about personal grooming?
  • In trouble with the law, in or out of school?
  • Eating much more or much less than usual?
  • Occupied with drug-related graphics and slogans?
  • In possession of pipes, small boxes, baggies, rolling papers, empty aerosol cans, etc?