Underage Alcohol Operation


Commendation to Convenience Stores for Properly Checking Identification in Recent Alcohol Operations. (December 5, 10, 2013)

Metro Narcotics conducted alcohol operations in Jackson Madison County on the December 5, 10, 2013. The community Anti-Drug Coalition would like to commend the following stores for checking the confidential and refusing the sale of alcohol to a minor. We commend these stores for their upholding local and state underage drinking laws, thus helping to keep the youth of Madison County healthy, safe and alcohol free. CADCJMC commends the following grocery/convenience stores for refusing to sell beer to a minor.

Alcohol Operations conducted December 5, 2013
1. Citgo, 1291 North Highland Avenue
2. Exxon, 1400 North Highland Avenue
3. Dollar General, 3224 North Highland Avenue
4. Kroger, 41 Stonebrook
5. Old Hickory Food Mart, 588 Old Hickory Blvd.

Alcohol Operations conducted December 10, 2013

1. Exxon, 1296 East Chester Street
2. A&A One Stop, 1425 South Highland Avenue
3. Citgo "Bull Market #3", 1706 South Highland Avenue
4. BP, 1939 South Highland Avenue
5. Mobil, 2016 South Highland Avenue
6. Raceweay, 2023 South Highland Avenue
7. BP, 223 Airways Blvd.
8. Shell, 253 Airways Blvd
9. Citgo, 412 Airways Blvd.
10. SuoerWay, 795 Airways Blvd
11. Airways Express "BP",736 Airways Blvd

Commendations to the following convenience stores that properly checked minors' identifications and refused to sell to the confidential informant in recent alcohol operations conducted by Metro Narcotics in Jackson-Madison County. The Community Anti-Drug Coalition of Jackson-Madison County commends the owners and clerks of these stores for helping keep our youth safe in our community.

The following convenience stores were entered by the confidential informant on September 19- 20, 2013 and the clerk properly checked his/her identification.

September 19, 2013
Shell, 3804 North Highland Avenue
BP, 2655 North Highland Avenue
Cigarettes Cheaper, 2643 North Highland Avenue
BP, 1036 Oil Well Roead
Shell, 230 Oil Well Road
Kroger, 41 Stonebrook Place
Phillips 66, 1929 Hwy 45 By-Pass
BP, 1831 Hwy 45 By-Pass
Goldline, 1819 Hwy 45 By-Pass
September 20, 2013
Kroger, 41 Stonebrook Place
Exxon, 6 Channing Way
Citgo, 105 Carriage House Drive
Shell, 644 Old Hickory Blvd
T-Mart Tobacco, 1302 North Highland Avenue
Abel's Way, 309 North Highland Avenue
SuperStop, 336 South Highland Avenue
BP, 1353 South Highland Avenue